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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  April 16, 2013 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> megyn: take a look at these beautiful photos. all the victims killed and wounded in the boston marathon bombing. m.i.t. lighting its famous building as an american flag. >> brian: thank you very much for filling in. we'll see you at? >> megyn: 1:00 p.m. eastern bill: fox news alert now. terror at the boston marathon and a search for the killer or killers intensifying by the hour. the fbi in 30 minutes from now will hold a news conference and stay tuned for that. [screaming] this is what a city and for that matter an entire
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country felt. two bombs only seconds apart. the finish line at america's premier race turned into a war zone. the bombs killing three people. "the boston globe" reports an 8-year-old among the dead. more than 150 injured. at the moment still listed in critical condition. police searching overnight an apartment in the boston suburb of revere north of town. some investigators seen leaving the home around 2:00 a.m. what could be evidence from inside. as we say good morning i'm bill hemmer from copley square in boston. we're near the finish line for the special edition of "america's newsroom." the finish line would be over my left shoulder two blocks behind where the perimeter has been extended. with me is jamie colby
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jaime: i'm here for martha maccallum. it is unimaginable. bill. bill: certainly is, jamie. those brave responders too who did not think twice about rushing into the dininger. at it: 50 local time yesterday afternoon. >> we're going to get the victims out. we're then going to conduct a sweep with dod assets to make sure there are no other device on the street. we'll then get people out of restaurants and bars. i need people to get on social media let people know what we're doing here. we're sweeping the streets. >> several backpacks still up on boylston street. >> need all officers on boylston. clear the area. stay off boylston. >> social media, put out a message that people should get away from the area as quick as possible. they should move quietly and safely away from the area until we can secure it. >> it is going to the police that are doing it.
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[inaudible] >> all off-duty officers are requested to respond. >> not any further runners come along boylston into the city. shut it down. bill: the scene of the blast today in lockdown. investigators are pouring over every inch they can find. thousands of spectators jamming near the finish line. many describe the sheer terror that unfolded here. >> it took probably five or 10 seconds to realize what had happened, because it couldn't happen there. so it was just too surreal. and then, you know, my head was screaming run one way and my feet started walking the other. started recorded, would you say, another 15, 20 seconds another device went off on the street. that's when you realize it wasn't an accident. it wasn't a generator. it wasn't a furnace. something was going on. bill: and you had 27,000
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runners. then you have thousands, if not tens of thousands of people who stand along this racecourse and they cheer like they do every year when the runners come by and at that finish line it is quite possible the majority of spectators had gathered at that finish line. a bit earlier you heard an expert talk about why would you set a bomb off when the race seemed to be less populated toward the finish line? that is true. however, there were thousands sitting in the aluminum grandstands. was an very easy target to hit anyone you wanted at that moment. here is the above of massachusetts, deval patrick on this. >> people should expect those riding the t, there will be random checks of backpacks and other parcells. we ask everyone to be patient for the inconvenience for the time-being. it is for the public's safety. we're also asking that everyone be on a state of heightened vigilance.
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that is really required of everyone. please report suspicious packages or parcels or suspicious activity to local law enfor -- enforcement. bill: the governor has been very public. so too has the mayor of boston, tom menino. you would expect that too. the chief of emergency services from massachusetts general hospital he was describing late last night the carnage was something you would expect to see in a war zone but not boston, massachusetts. >> absolutely. this is like a bomb explosion that we hear about on the news in baghdad or israel or some other tragic place in the world. bill: listening to him describe what he saw arrive at his hospital last night, it was chilling. mike tobin is at massachusetts general. mike, what is it like there from what you are hearing about what it was like when the patients arrived? good morning. >> reporter: you know it was just a matter of minutes
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bill, until the injured, particularly the severely injured started coming to massachusetts general. quickly this became ground zero for the critically injured. >> you know at that point we didn't know if, that did turn out to be the tip of iceberg or if that was going to be the tip of a huge iceberg or not. so, you know, actually everybody were prepared for that type of situation. so the hospital activate straight -- activated its incident command system and between five and ten minutes we had everything pretty much up and running. >> reporter: he said treatments will need to be staged because you have such a wade variety of injuries, you have tissue damage, vascular damage, bone breaks. they need to prioritize. you stop the bleeding and come back later to deal with the bone breaks. doctors at massachusetts general say they're seeing a lot of shrapnel injuries but a doctor from beth israel said he sees in the patients
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what appear to be ball bearings. that is with the reports we've seen that the bombs were packed with ball bearings to use as shrapnel. bill: you would imagine that would be a question for the fbi coming up in 20 minutes, mike, you spoke with many runners and how are they reacting and what stories are they telling you today? >> reporter: it is really interesting. i had a lot of friend in this race. the chatter going around particularly on facebook is of the nature, let's all get in marathon shape. let's show up and qualify for boston next year to show how resilient we can be. it is very interesting. i have one close friend here supporting his wife. he is a surviving member of the hong kong football club. you may remember they were hit by the al qaeda bombing in bali 2002. he lost nine teammates in that attack. he is very resistant to apply this to a group of people, or put a face on this, given to the temptation of hatred in this place. whoever is responsible for this is one nut or a small
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group of nuts and they're not worth his anger, bill. bill: well, mike tobin, thank you. with us here in boston. here's what we can tell you, a lot of leads, a lot of work to do. it is just the beginning here in boston. jamie? jaime: bill, thank you so much. meanwhile former house homeland security committee chairman congressman peter king is saying his gut instincts pointed to terrorism. >> the boston marathon on patriots day is almost the ultimate as far as an iconic athletic, all-american event and also mass killing of civilians, again, we don't know for certain but to me i think we have to be looking towards either al qaeda or an offshoot of al qaeda or a self-starter here in the united states, a homegrown terrorist. jaime: fbi investigators are currently focusing on a person of interest. take a look at this. this is what these runners experienced. we're going to get an update in less than 30 minutes. the house did hold a moment
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of silence in honor of the bombing victims. boston congressman michael capuano calling those responsible evil saying he knows america stands with the people of boston during its grave hour. >> i hesitate to call what the event was, but whatever it was a terrible tragedy and no matter how you measure, i don't know if it was official terrorism or unofficial, but clearly anyone to act in such a manner is clearly an evil person. today in massachusetts is a holiday. state holiday called patriots day. we celebrate the actions of our patriots back in 1776 that started the revolution that brought to birth this country. we remind ourselves regularly what it is to be an american. what it is to be a patriot. what it is to be a member of a society that cares for each other. and i know that the members of this house will join me in wishing well all those people who were injured and sending our deepest condolences or sympathies. those people were hurt and wish you well and our men
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and women of law enforcement. i have absolutely full faith and confidence they will find people that have done this and bring them to justice so we can all rest a little easier at some point. thank you, mr. speaker. >> the house will now observe a moment of silence. jaime: as all our hearts are heavy the senate too held a moment of silence for the vick ups in boston. senate majority leader harry reid giving cued doughs and well-deserved to the first-responders and ordinary citizens who didn't think twice about rushing to all of those who were hurt, bill. bill: this community has come together and they have done it quickly, jamie in. they take this very deep and very personal. we are in boston's back bay, which is right near if you're familiar with the area, the boston commons. it is such a gorgeous mid-april day today, just like yesterday when temperatures for the race stretched up to the low 50 degrees. it is almost perfect marathon weather. behind me would have been the finish line. this is boylston street that run towards us.
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the runners themselves would be coming in this direction. if you went two healthy city blocks behind me that is where the first explosion would have taken place at that finish line. again today the perimeter has been extended, much greater than it was last night. last night when we were here walking around trying to look what we could see and not see, we were quite surprised we were quite surprised we could get as close as we did, about a block away from the scene of the carnage of yesterday afternoon. for today we're just getting started frankly. we're awaiting a brand new fbi update on the investigation. we wil that together in about 18 minutes when it starts. again we want to tell our viewers that sometimes is the best source of information for us to pass along to you. 9:30 eastern time is on the schedule for that. first though, in a moment here, 20 feet. that's the distance between the first bomb and the next man that i will speak to, what he saw and what he felt and how he helped the victims, how he responded just like some others have as we hear more from some of
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the horrified eyewitnesses to terror in the streets of boston. >> i was probably just, you know, half a block over and all of sudden everybody is running and screaming and saying there's a bomb, there's a bombing. >> didn't sound like a blast. it was a real loud noise. but then it was everybody just running and screaming saying it was a bomb. everybody was crying and trying to call. wondering where their families were. it was really, really sad. i mean it was scary. ♪ to more efficient pick-ups. ♪ wireless is limitless. ♪ from tracking the bus. ♪ to tracking field conditions. ♪ wireless is limitless.
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bill: we are waiting on this fbi update. you get a live look in boston now on the investigation where we stand today. that is just a few moments away. meantime i want to bring in dr. alan painter. the doctor is a emergency room physician who is just about 20 feet away from the first bloos and remarkably he was not hurt but treated many of the victims at the scene. doctor, good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: you are from where? >> gainesville, georgia. bill: you came here with your wife. >> yes. bill: she was running the race at the time. like thousands fathered near the finish line to see her, is that right? >> that's correct. bill: what happened at that point. >> the blast occurred to my left. then later to my right, maybe five seconds later. we saw all the people on my left go down. they were in pretty bad shape. and we worked on some of those. people stand on the street corners responded remarkably. everybody went to victims it. tried to help them as best
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they could. within two to three minutes the boston athletic association volunteers were showing up, handing out bandages and then bringing carts, wheelchairs, gurneys, whatever we could do to load them and get them to the medical tent. bill: just back up a little butter who. how far was the blast on your left? how far was it on the right? >> i would say about 20 feet on my left. everybody between me and the blast went down as best i can figure. i was unscathed. how far down on the right, i don't know. i just heard it when i crouched. bill: how did it feel to you? >> it was kind of a warm heat, wind all over you for a second. bill: and the victims you treated you're a doctor. you see trauma. do you see trauma like this. >> no, this was blast injuries. this is something you would expect in a military zone. we see gunshot wound and blunt trauma from car accidents, not blast wound like this. bill: how were you able to help? >> not a whole lot.
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i put tourniquets on people. we tried to resuscitate a young lady. we lost her in the medical tent. bill: sorry about that. when you say you applied turn that kits, i'm assuming these are amputations some experienced? >> yes. these injuries were all lower legs. i would assume the bomb was knee high or below. one gentleman had no legs below the knees. did not find his feet. everybody else around were laying on the ground because their legs had been blown out from under them. mangled, blown open, fractures. bill: i know you're trained in this but i'm wondering how you digest it all? >> you don't think about it. that is simple truth of it. bill: just do your job? >> correct. bill: are you able to think about it today in a different sense? >> well you put it together how lucky you are. bill: lucky indeed. how is your wife doing today, doctor? >> she is doing well. she was turning on to boylston right when the
6:18 am
blasts occurred and boston athletic association and the police responded, jerked her off the course, pushed the runners back. will have to commend the boston athletic association and boston police. they did an outstanding job. you couldn't ask for a better and quicker response. bill: i heard that from so many people. >> it is true. when you get the people to the medical tent and you open the curtains there are cots lined up at least 30, iv fluids, nurses and doctors it is a nice sight. bill: i saw a picture on the front page of "the boston globe" i will share with our viewers a little later in the program. if you look at that picture, it is blood on the sidewalk everywhere you look. cell phones scattered about, purses here and there. i imagine that's what you saw too? >> i was covered from, pretty much head to toe. bill: you were? >> yeah. and it was a, it was a bad sight, without any question. bill: there were reports that ball bearings were
6:19 am
embedded in some of the victims and that has not been confirmed. i don't know if you were able to see any of that because, it was described as shrapnel. if you did see it, how would you describe it? >> i did not see any ball bearings, okay? i would expect to see something, flying around loose on the sidewalk. what i saw was mainly glass and probably metal. the storefront right behind us, the next storefront over was completely blown out. i initially had thought the blast had come from there, but, one of the police officers when i came out of the medical tent said, no it was in the trashcan beside of you. bill: it was in the trashcan is what the police told you?. >> that is what they told me. bill: it appeared there were also aluminum grandstands set up. is that the area where you were? >> no. the aluminum grandstands are across the street. and on, seat the spectators stand against the railing and you take the turn as
6:20 am
your runner runs by and you move out let somebody else come up. i stood there 30 minutes and worked my way up to the front line because i knew my wife was fixing to come by, that is probably what saved me. bill: you think so? >> the people to my left took the blast. bill: last night it was described to me as thousands and thousands of people on both sides of the street and cheering at that moment for all these runners but once the explosion hit, that scene changed entirely. did they say anything to you? did they speak many words when you were treating them? >> no. mike like i said the lady i worked on briefly, she had no respirations and she passed. the gentleman who had his legs blown off just was mum blink a few things. bill: when do you go home? >> today. bill: good luck to you doctor, thank you for what you did yesterday. you likely saved lives here in boston. >> i think the medical staff did here. they're fantastic. bill: thank you, doctor.
6:21 am
much appreciate it. our best to your wife. thank you, sir. in a moment we're about 10 minutes away from this fbi briefing. just like it was last night it is a great source of information too that we can contribute to strive to piece this together for ourself and our viewers. and i spoke to a first-time runner, stopped just short of the finish line. she was about 25 plus miles after the terror struck. you will hear part of her story also. what makes your family smile? backflips and cartwheels. love, warmth. here, try this. backflips and camm, ok!s. ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching.
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bill: back here in the city of boston, it's a city in shock. in fact it's a nation in shock today. the fbi will brief in about five minutes as they search for the killer or killers involved here in boston. and i spoke to a first-time
6:25 am
marathon runner. she is from the area. stopped just shy of the finish line in a race of a lifetime for her. how far did you get yesterday? >> 25.37 according to my garmin. bill: what happened? >> we were told to stop running. that's it. we were on the route and the officers just said, you can't go any further. bill: i see you came back this morning to get your bag and personal possessions. >> yeah. bill: what were you missing last night? >> wallet. wallet and phone basically. so no way to let folks know where i was. fortunately i put my car key in my shoe pocket with me so i was able to get home. so i came back to get my belongings. bill: you're local and how are you able to understand what is happened in your town? >> i don't think there is way to understand it yet. it is just sad someone had
6:26 am
to ruin what should have been a beautiful day for the area, the whole area, so. bill: thank you for your time. >> thank you. bill: thanks very much. it is a steady stream of runners yesterday coming down to claim their possessions today. that is something that will last hours, if not days. minutes from 9:30 eastern. we expect the fbi to hold its news conference. jamie, late last night we were reporting that a 20-year-old burn victim was being guarded at a hospital said to be a person of interest but not a suspect. it was his apartment that was searched in the suburb of revere, massachusetts, north of boston overnight. i want to emphasize this and stretch it. fox news is reporting there is no connection between the bombing and this man in the hospital. and any evidence that they may or may not have found in his apartment. i'm certain there will be questions about that. the fbi will sort it out as
6:27 am
best they can in these early hours. and i stress early hours. it is not even 24 hours into it now, jamie. jaime: we're moments away from the news conference. i would really counsel people to pay attention to that and stay with us because i'm noting at least preliminarily, the u.s. attorney for the area will be attending that press conference. it is possible they may talk about any charges to come and who may be involved. we're keeping an eye on that as soon as it gets started. bill: there were reports yesterday, there were at least two other bags were found considered suspicious. another report late last night that put that number at 5:00. that has not been confirmed. we walk with a bit of caution. we'll await for officials in charge what they can tell us at the moment. i mentioned this last hour too. i was in newtown during the early hours and early days of that.
6:28 am
if you remember, jamie the amount of information that went out first week of that tragedy, how much of it to this day has not been proven true. we'll step with caution throughout the day today. jaime: we should mention some of victims of newtown, the family members with were there at this marathon. as if they experienced not enough trump ma and tragedy in their lives. they witnessed this as well. bill we'll check back with you moments away as well as the press conference the update we're expecting. there are questions looming over the potential person of interest. here at fox we're only reporting what we know for sure but at this press conference we'll get more answers on yesterday's deadly terror attack. >> where the bomb hit, they were 10 and 15 deep. they were families. they were fans cheering you right near the end and it was really loud. it was, it was deafening loud. and they were cheering like it was their job. and, and unfortunately they're the people that got injured so badly.
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bill: fox news alert now. downtown boston, fbi investigators about to begin the news conference on the boston marathon attack. they're looking into at least one person of interest but that person said not to be a suspect at this time. we're sorting through this information. we don't know if there is a connection to this young man being held in a hospital or whether he had nothing to do
6:33 am
with this at all. there was an apartment search late last night into the overnight hours in the suburb of revere, massachusetts, just a few miles north of downtown boston. the fbi will be out in a moment. senator elizabeth warren i understand is there as well. in the early moments after this attack yesterday it was the fbi that quickly took control of the scene and what was happening in boston. they will be the lead investigative force as we move forward now. to set the scene for you as what we understand now, 2:50 afternoon local time, back-to-back explosions on the street behind me on boylston here in the back bay of boston. in you watch the raw tape you see this enormous explosion and the sound is so concussive. seconds after that you hear the second explosion go off. then it is the collective sleek of terror from so many thousands of people who ran
6:34 am
in any direction they could to get out of way of the explosions. we want to bring in dave wedge a "boston herald" reporter who was on the scene yesterday and with me now and been reporting throughout the night. good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: i'm wondering from a community perspective here, just how personal this town takes what has happened to them. >> well we take everything personal here in boston. that is kind of our reputation. we're kind of a colloquial town. the marathon is really the fabric of boston and massachusetts. it is patriots day. it is a family event. all the colleges are here. it is a celebratory event. it has been going on for decades. for something like this to happen on a day we hold so dear to us as bostonians it cuts into the fabric of who we are. bill: listen i will tell you i was so impressed arriving at the airport and talking to people at a taxi and getting out at a stand and talking to a prefer.
6:35 am
getting stopped on the street from another person in boston, everyone said, we'll catch them. it is just a question of time. >> i agree with that. like i said we take things very personally here in boston maybe to a fault sometimes. in a situation this will be bring out the best of bostonians. boston police is one of the oldest police forces in america. the state police is one of the most professional organizations in america and we have the fbi and president obama. i agree with that. bill: you've been talking to many people. what are you picking up today. >> today there is a lot of fear and uncertainty. people want answers but as you just mention ad few minutes ago, it is not even 24 hours out yet. there is a lot of time that needs to pass before we find out what happened ha. people want answers but they have to be patient. bill: almost seems like we come to expect immediate answers, you know in this age of the internet and facebook and twitter and and it feels almost frustrating i think it some people and i
6:36 am
think you can understand it when the answers are tough to come by but it appears right now they're working everything they can obviously. >> absolutely. as you mentioned with newtown there was a lot of misinformation. there was even misinformation in boston in the first few hours. twitter and facebook and all that, those are great tools. you have to vet everything. everything hasn't been vetted yet. the police are reading twitter to see what they learn. they're getting cell phone videos from people across the boston. they're literally at the airport asking people if you have anything on your iphone from the marathon. they want to learn as much as they can and in this age of instant gratification this isn't a situation where everything can be instant. bill: you mention ad great point, police were at the airport, logan international asking people if they had pictures on their iphones. >> asking people leaving boston, were you a the marathon, do you have any pictures or video on your phone from the marathon. good police work. bill: indeed it is. if you go two blocks behind
6:37 am
us, two good long city blocks, you would be at the finish line and the scene of the first explosion. i'm told that is one more photographed areas of boston. how much do you know about that? >> well the grandstand is a vip section where there is dignitaries from all over the world. that is generally a high security area, a lot of politicians are there. most of our city council. the mayor is normally there but he is horribled right now. he had an injury. so it's, there is, thousands if, not tens of thousands of videos and pictures from that particular moment that happened. bill: about 20 minutes ago speaking to a doctor who had flown in here with his wife. she was running and he was waiting for her. he ended up tending to many people on scene and what he described was really, it is just heart breaking to see what happened here. he also said that police told him that these bombs were placed in garbage cans. is that what you're hearing? can you match that reporting or not? >> we haven't got that information. alls we know there were
6:38 am
definitely two devices and told by boston police third device was detonated in a controlled explosion by the bomb squad. we're not getting much information whether they were in cans or what they were. there have been reports today of nails and ball bearings and things like that coming out of the hospitals. but again, this is early in the investigation. and, hopefully we'll learn answers at this briefing that is coming up. bill: thank you, dave. terrific it talk to you. my best to you and everybody here in boston. >> thanks. bill: my best to you, dave. moments away from the briefing with the fbi, jamie. we'll certainly keep a very close eye on this and we'll hang on every word as we try to piece this together now here in the very, very early instas. jaime: bill, we have a unique opportunity, too, to listen to the press conference coming up any moment, not only to digest what they say but also what they really mean. joining me is the former chief executive of the fbi, bill gavin. he is with guards mark security services, a global securities firm here in new york.
6:39 am
thank you so much for being with us, bill. what do you expect to hear at this early stage in the investigation? >> jamie, i expect that the head of the fbi and the united states attorney will probably bring us up so we avoid speculation and false concepts that have arisen so far. they will no doubt tell us whether or not they have a suspect. it sounds like now they don't. it is just a person that has been cooperating with them. they went into his apartment there in revere beach last night. but other than that, i think the united states attorney will probably let us know what kind of prosecutetive action can be taken should somebody be identified. jaime: you know a lot of people ran away from the scene but this particular victim flashed possible terrorist, this is terrorist act they're looking very closely. they got a search warrant pretty quickly to go over to his apartment. what other search warrants
6:40 am
do you think the fbi is trying to obtain at this point? >> in this particular case this individual seems to have been cooperative. he might have given them permission to go to his apartment to do what they did, which would not necessarily mean that they need a search warrant at that particular time. he might have signed off on it. but anything that comes up, they may need search warrants to get some of the film from cameras that are around the area. there is a bank right there. jaime: that is very interesting. >> they may need a search warrant. if in fact they will they will have them i can assure you. jaime: bill, one of the things bill gavin mentioned to me there was a bank right on the corner as we await this press conference to begin. your thoughts, bill? bill: you know, jamie, we were told yesterday that when people scattered they left so many bags behind. you think about that from an investigative standpoint when you're trying to figure out whether there are other suspicious packages or something lying on the streets and the sidewalk. just how huge this operation now is to piece this
6:41 am
together. as we get together and watch now, those who have assembled here in downtown boston, just a two blocks from where we're at the westin hotel. let's drop in and pick up what we can nows live. >> we have a briefing for you with the information that we have. the mayor is here. the members of our congressional delegation, all of the law enforcement leadership. we have several people who want to present to you this morning and take your questions. a couple points i want to, i want to mention at the outset, i told you yesterday that the fbi has taken charge of the investigation. special agent in charge, rick deslauriers will speak shortly. it is point to clarify that devices were found yesterday. other parcels, all other parcels in the area of the blast have been examined but there are no unexploded bombs. there were no unexploded
6:42 am
explosive devices found. over 150 people were injured yesterday in the, in the blasts. some gravely. our thoughts go out to all of those injured and killed and to their families and friends. i personally want to thank the extraordinary, first-responders from for their just extraordinary work yesterday. every single one of them, those who were on site and got to the site promptly thereafter performed beautifully as have the area hospitals. i've been calling around to the heads of the hospitals personally to thank them as well. it's our hope that tomorrow we will organize an interfaith prayer service to help our community heal. we don't have details on that yet but we will provide those details when we have them. there is a support center that was opened yesterday and what we call the castle opposite the park plaza hotel on arlington and stewart street i think it
6:43 am
is. the mayor and, has provided staff to help people cope with, with this extraordinary event and it will be open from 9:00 i think until 5:00 or beyond this evening. finally, everyone should expect continued heightened police presence and everyone should continue personally to be vigilant. the investigation continues and until it is done all of those in law enforcement represented by the leaders here will be present in force in the area around the blast and throughout the city. and with that, let me turn it over to chairmen nino. >> thank you, governor. the yesterday terror was brought to the city of boston. tragedy was brought to one of our neighbors also. this is a close-knit place, the city of boston. here we know our neighbors, we grieve for them. we grieve for a boy from
6:44 am
dorchester. i also want it say we know our heroes also. they're the men and women that wear helmets, the badges, the runners who helped us yesterday during this time of need. as we go together with the issue with all the law enforcement officials we'll make sure we stay close together. we have got it under control. let's continue to work together. let's keep a helping hand to individuals that may need it during this very difficult time in our city's history. i just say to all of you, i've been mayor for 20 years now, i have never seen law enforcement pull together, working together to solve our crime in city as they have but also all the people that pulled together. the business community, neighbors, everyone. this is a tragedy but boston is strong city. we're a city that will get through this. like the governor said, we set up a resource center over at the castle near the park plaza hotel. staff will be there
6:45 am
available to give information to individuals involved in the marathon. it is open from 9:00 to 5:00. the phone number is, 635-504 i believe. hotline, wrong number. 617 -- 534-5050. the 24 hour hotline that you need information also, that number is 617-635-4500. last several hours we received calls from all over the world asking us information about the, our tragedy, how they could help us. this is a, bad day for boston. but i think if we pull together we'll get through it. we're strong. a lot of people are willing to work together to make this a better place for all our people. and so as we gather here today with our officials let's say boston will overcome. >> thank you, mr. mayor. >> thank you, governor. thank you, mr. mayor. the president of the united
6:46 am
states has pledged his full support in all efforts both to keep the city safe and to find the person who did this and bring them to justice. we did not have to reach out to the president. the president reached out to us. he called the governor. he called the mayor. he called the members of the delegation because the president is actively involved here in responding. on behalf of our congressional delegation, senator cowan is here with me and congressman lynch and all the members of our delegation, we want to extend our thanks to the first-responders, to the firefighters, to the police officers, to ems, to everyone on the scene including the volunteers who came and helped those in trouble and helped save lives. we also want to thank those from all around the country and all around the world whose prayers and thoughts and offers of help have poured in. we are deeply grateful. as the mayor says, boston will survive.
6:47 am
>> thank you, governor. good morning, my name is rick deslauriers i'm the special agent in charge of the fbi's boston division. i would like to start by thanking first-responders from boston ems and boston fire department and volunteers and nurses from the medical staff and community who volunteered at hair marathon. their services and heroic actions saved lives yesterday afternoon. we continue to work shoulder to shoulder with our jttf partners at the boston police department, massachusetts state police as well as all our other jttf agencies. our mission is clear, to bring to justice those responsible for the marathon bombing. the american public wants answers. the citizens of the city of boston and commonwealth of massachusetts want and deserve answers. this group of dedicated men and women standing before you today pledge to do everything possible to get those answers. this remains a very active investigation. our ongoing investigation in various locations throughout
6:48 am
the area goes however there are no known additional threats. we continue to interview various witnesses and process the crime scene. which could take some time. the citizens of massachusetts and the city of boston should expect to see the fbi and its jttf partners conducting investigative activity in the greater eastern massachusetts and boston area. assistance from the public remains critical in establishing a timeline of events which leads to swift conclusion through due diligence and strong investigative activity. we commend the public, we commend the citizens of boston and the commonwealth of massachusetts for information provided to law enforcement so far. we strongly encourage that assistance to continue. it is paramount to explain the fbi in our jttf role to a greater extent. the volume of tips we received in reiterating sources we provide. we received voluminous tips over the last 18 hours since
6:49 am
the incidents. we have staffed our 1-800 call fbi tip line and we encourage individuals to contact that line with any additional tips. we're bringing additional victim assistance and evidence response team resources from our headquarters components and other field offices to boston and they're on site working as we speak processing evidence of the crime scene. to the extent the crime scene still place in copley perimeter and continues to be a crime scene it may be that for several days. the fbi, and jttf is logically following up on a variety of lead. you will see us and our law enforcement partners interviewing a neighbor or coworker in the coming days. we urge you to cooperate with law enforcement authorities. the resources of the fbi and jttf allow for swift action we hope will yield quick results but that does diligence and persistence combing through the high volume of evidence and leads we're processing right now. we're beginning upon that path. thank you very much.
6:50 am
>> i'm a, i'm gene marquez, acting special agent in charge, atf, boston field division. atf in partial of our response team activation. we're bringing our explosives specialists here to the scene and we will work jointly with the fbi and partners in the jtt. if we have certified explosive specialists. we have explosives enforcement officers. we have special agent bomb techs and we have k-9s that are trained to detect any explosive devices or any residue. at this time we have a approximately 30 forensic specialists in or out on the scene and to dispel any rumors there were, there were rumors floating around there were seven devices, seven devices at one point. that is not true. i think that happened as a result of some suspect packages that were disrupted but we only have two devices that we're aware of.
6:51 am
both of those devices were the ones that involved in the, did the damage and involved in the explosions. at this time we are looking for the public's cooperation. we're looking if there is any video, any photographic evidence, if you please contact the fbi hotline or the city's hot line we would like to review any kind of media that you have out there pertaining that might give us additional investigative leads we're pursuing those investigative leads at this time. the scene will take several days to process. we ask for your patience as we're working in that area and for your cooperation. >> good horning i'm united states attorney carmen ortiz. first i want to extend my condolences to the families of the loved ones who were lost in yesterday's attack on the city of boston. as well as those that were
6:52 am
hurt and may still be fighting for their lives. our thoughts and our prayers go out to them. what happened yesterday was a terrible tragedy. it was amazing to see as you have heard from my colleagues here how people just helped one another, ran toward the blast, just to assist another person in greater need. people who were just there for those that were hurt and in a dire situation. it was amazing to see how the city of boston, and people from around the world, that were part of yesterday's boston marathon helped one another console each other. there were so many moving parts to an investigation such as this and i can't begin to thank everyone who has been involved. law enforcement, medical professionals, emergency responders, and really just regular citizens who became heroes yesterday. i want to repeat as i did state it yesterday, this is
6:53 am
an active and it's an ongoing investigation but rest assured that we are bringing all the necessary resources to assist in this matter and that we will conduct all that we can with all of our law enforcement partners. i've been in touch with the attorney general several times, eric holder, and he has pledged all the resources from the department and others on behalf of the federal government to help boston recover from he had yesterday. i ask for your patience and your understanding as we continue to pursue leads together, evidence and to get to the bottom of who did this and why. thank you. >> thank you. good morning. my name is ed davis. i'm the police commissioner for the city of boston. we are in the process of securing and processing the most complex crime scene that we've dealt with in the history of our department. we are doing that under the
6:54 am
direction of the fbi and in partnership with the atf we secured the perimeter with members of the national far and the general is here. i would like to thank the people who are working closely with us. we received offers of assistance from chicago, los angeles. units have responded here from new york city and baltimore and we are working very closely with all of our partners on this complex investigation. i, i want to stress that the area around the crime scene which was yesterday was 15 blocks has been reduced to about 12 blocks at this point in time. we will continue to collapse that crime scene as the facts and circumstances make that available. we want to open up as many streets and get people into their buildings as quickly as we can. we're working diligently on that. please be patient with us in the time that we need to process the crime scene. we expect that scene will go for another two days anyway. and people should make appropriate plans.
6:55 am
again i want to stress that any information that you have, any videos or photographs that happened, not just at that scene but, anywhere in the immediate vicinity could be helpful to this investigation. our focus is on processing that evidence right now and we're looking forward to working with our partners to bring the individuals who are responsible for this heinous crime to justice. thank you. >> thank you. colonel. >> good morning. my name is timothy albert. i'm the superintendent of massachusetts state police. as i said, earlier in one of our briefings there's really two or three parts to this investigation. there's the investigative part which clearly the fbi has taken the lead on but there is also a logistical and presence component of this. so i'm speaking to the public. you are going to see an enhanced presence from the boston police, from the
6:56 am
state police, from the national guard and from our law enforcement partners through the metropolitan boston area over the next days and probably longer. that is not for any particular reason other than to provide some comfort and to the public who are using transportation centers or going about their business. so we are engaged with the mbta police in the t. you will see more troopers. you will see national guardsmen there. you will see mbta police like you do every day but that presence will be significantly enhanced. we're doing that for the comfort of the public. we're looking for cooperation from the public. it is not to inconvenience anyone. we don't think that it will be. you might also see an enhanced presence at logan airport as well. that is not for any particular reason again other than to solicit cooperation from the public and seek out tips or information. the last thing i want to say is there has to be hundreds if not thousands of photographs or videos or
6:57 am
observations that were made down at that finish line yesterday and they're sitting out there amongst everyone that's watching this event this morning. and i would an courage you to bring forward anything. you might not think it's significant but it might have some value to this investigation. the mayor's giving you tip lines. there are plenty of those. the fbi has them as well. if you call in i'm sure someone will follow up on the photographs or videos you want to submit for consideration. thank you very much. >> good morning my name is daniel conley. i'm the district attorney here in boston. what occurred yesterday in boston was an act of cowardice. while there will be an opportunity in the future at the conclusion of this investigation to officially define this act, make no mistake, an act of cowardice and this severity can not be justified for explained.
6:58 am
it can only be answered. to that end some of the finest investigators at the local, state and federal levels have been working through the night to not only conduct interviews and process the scene, but to ensure that those interviews are legally sound and that the evidence is recovered with the greatest care. at the same time, police and other law enforcement agencies have an actively working to ensure the safety of our city. at this point the loss that we have suffered is enormous. thanks to the efforts of emts, police officers, firefighters, volunteers, ordinary citizens and of course doctors, nurses and the medical staff at boston's world class hospitals, we can say with absolute certainty that more lives were saved. for this, we can all give thanks. in the days and the weeks to come we will do our very best to keep the public the
6:59 am
media and advised of the prog guess of this investigation and our work. it is important however for the sake of the victims and of thatsy that our investigators be given the room to do their jobs so that the truth can be found and so that justice can be served. moments like this and our response to them define who we are. in the past 24 hours this city of boston has shown its strength, its compassion, and its determination to see justice done. >> thank you, dan. we're happy to take questions. we will, we're going to try to take as many questions as you have. so maybe we'll just go from side to side if that is -- yeah. >> [inaudible]. >> well, more than the evidence, is the extraordinary cooperation among these law enforcement agencies is the mayor and others have said at the
7:00 am
federal, state and local level and indeed from the region. we have an unprecedented level of law enforcement support and engagement here and they're working very, very well and very seamlessly with each other under the leadership of the fbi. that gives me a lot of comfort. it should give the public comfort as well. over here. yeah. >> [inaudible]. >> i think, i think i know what you're getting at. let me turn it over to rick who i think will not comment. >> thank you, governor. i can't comment on that aspect of that. what i think is important to say, what i would like to on behalf of the boston jttf lear today is say that there is no known imminent physical threat at any location where we are conducting, might be conductings investigative
7:01 am
activity right now. i want to put that out to the american public, to the citizens of city of boston and the commonwealth of massachusetts. >> [inaudible]. >> i'm not going to be able to comment on that on the nature of the device right now. >> -- are they in custody right now under guard at a local hospital. >> i'm not going to say who or who might not be in custody right now. >> [inaudible]. >> david, what i can say, i.c.e. is a key component of our boston joint terrorism task force. they are active with us right now and are interviewing witnesses with us and sising us integrally with this investigation. >> [inaudible].
7:02 am
>> well, we're processing a lot of photographic, digital photographic evidence right now as several speakers have said today including the governor. we encourage the continued submission of photographic evidence that can give lead value but i can't comment on specific tips or leads right now. >> you said earlier, can you tell us about cameras in the area. are you able to use those and how they are helpful -- [inaudible] >> karen, i think commissioner davis can probably speak best about surveillance cameras in the area. i think we're processing all the digital photographic evidence we possibly can right now as quickly as possible with resources from fbi headquarters in quantico and that is a priority of the investigation but i would like commissioner davis to speak about the video cameras. >> thank you, rick. it's a basic investigative protocol at this point in time for us to secure all the video that's in the area. so, even as we were removing victims yesterday officers
7:03 am
were assigned to go into the local establishments and secure those videos. there are a large number of them. so there's a low business ticks issue right now. we are working with the fbi. they're sending special teams to process that information. it's our intention to go through every frame of every video that we have, to determine exactly who was in the area. this is probably one of the most well-photographed areas in the country yesterday. >> as far as people coming and going from the city for work and personal use, very difficult to move around copley square. are you asking people to stay away or you want people to come and go. >> we want people to come and go. we want you to live your life. we want you to be vigilant. there is no reason to not come into the city but we do have a threat and we are working diligently to try to reduce that threat. we want you to go about your business. give us a little room in the copley square area. be patient with us there as
7:04 am
we process this scene but we're trying to turn it back to the businesses and to the community as quickly as we can after that evidence is collected. >> you might have 100,000 pictures out there. what do you want people to look for? >> that's a good question actually. that's a good question. what we would like forwarding any photos you have around the time of the blast and particularly in that area. but also tell us what time those photos were taken, okay? so we don't have to go through the electronic signatures. we have some data as to when these photos were taken. naturally photos taken closer to the blast, just before, just after, those are going to be critical and we'll try to prioritize those. but it would give us photos and as much information that can help investigators move forward. >> -- as part of the preparation devices exploded in trashcans. >> no evidence of that.
7:05 am
>> [inaudible]. trashcans were removed as part of the security protocol. >> there was eod sweep done. two of them were done that morning. one was done early in the morning. a second one was done an hour before the first runners came across. those two eod sweeps did not turn up any evidence. because there is unrestricted access to the racecourse simply because it is 28 miles long. people can come and go and bring items in and out. >> do you have any evidence that the three people who were confirmed to be dead, are they all thought to be victims or could one perhaps be the perpetrator or -- >> they're all victims as far as i know. >> [inaudible]. >> i'm sorry. >> [inaudible]. >> no. we don't have any information on that. >> can you give us idea of the breakdown of the impact of the two separate bombs in terms of casualties, numbers? >> we have a number of 176 casualties that presented at
7:06 am
area hospitals. that's including hospitals on the salt shore, not just in boston. 176 is the best number i have right now. 17 of those individuals are critical at this point in time. three fatalities. >> [ina. >> no one's in custody, right. no one's in custody. >> you said there is an individual -- [inaudible] >> no. >> agent deslauriers -- [inaudible] how wide-ranging outside of boston those are and why are you looking there? >> as an ongoing investigation our investigation certainly will not be confined very likely to the city limits of boston. it would extend out to the eastern massachusetts area. this will be a worldwide investigation. we will take us where the
7:07 am
evidence and the lead take us. we will go to the ends of the earth to identify the subject or subjects who are responsible for this despicable crime and we will do everything we can to bring them to justice. >> [inaudible]. >> i can't comment on that aspect of the investigation right now. certainly we will, we were using full capacities of the fbi to its fullest worldwide extent. >> [inaudible]. >> i think the best way i can address the question what i previously said earlier. we're interviewing a a variety of witnesses in a variety of locations and that is ongoing. that is the most i can say about that right now. >> [inaudible]. >> that would be commenting on specific leads and investigative activity that might compromise our investigation so i really can't comment on that right now. >> [inaudible].
7:08 am
>> i would just say we are continuing. we have multitude of resources on the street right now. the boston joint terrorism task force, many components which are on the stage me today are out on the street conducting all logical investigation as quickly as possible. >> [inaudible]. >> i would say that we're just, we're, we are out in the street in a variety of areas both in the city of boston and outside the city of boston conducting an investigation where the leads and evidence take us. >> [inaudible]. >> i was not aware of any threat information prior to the marathon. >> are you aware of any -- >> as i mentioned earlier i'm not aware of any physical threat information right now from any unexploded devices or any further devices. i'm not aware of any information and to the best of my knowledge there is no imminent physical threat anywhere associated with this investigation. >> last question. last question. >> [inaudible].
7:09 am
>> what would you said to people outside the boston area who are watching this? >> i would say to the folks watching this we have a city that is resilient and a city working together and law enforcement is working on the issue since it started. we need cooperation from the public. folks out there know something is going on, give it to the fbi, boston police, whatever law enforcement you want to give it to. we're a resilient city and we're a city that will get by this. this is not one incident that will mark the city's history. >> thank you. bill: that was a -- fascinating press conference for the past 35 minutes. four major headlines coming
7:10 am
out of it. from the governor of massachusetts no unexploded device were found, all the reports about two to five devices or packages or backpacks, none of that was true. no known additional threats. we got that word from the fbi. no one is in custody. also word from the fbi. and at least half a dozen times from just about every official that got up on that stand they were encouraging the public if you have photos, if you have video, they want it talk to you. and that is a clear appeal to the people here in boston who may have been at the race yesterday, if they saw something, saying something. an urgent matter right now to try to gather more evidence and more eyewitness accounts of what went down. only 19 hours ago. i mentioned the governor deval patrick. he confirmed the amount of explosives found yesterday here. >> it's important to clarify that two and only two explosive devices were found yesterday. other parcels, all other
7:11 am
parcels in the area of the blast have been examined but there are no unexploded bombs. there were no unexploded explosive devices found. bill: that from moments ago. also the boston police commissioner ed davis, this is what he said. the most complex crime scene in the history of the boston police department. we're awaiting the next briefing from massachusetts general hospital. it will be its first briefing of the day. the surgeons late last night talking about the horrific condition in which so many people arrived there yesterday. that is only moments away as we get a short time out here in the city of boston. 19 hours in, to the tragedy at the boston marathon. what do women want?
7:12 am
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this is kate. she likes a man with a little hair on his chest. but definitely not on his back. this is hannah. she likes a guy with a smooth stomach to show off his six-pack.
7:14 am
[ ding! ] and this is genesis. she likes men completely hairless bill: the surgeons, massachusetts general hospital, now briefing for the first time for them today. let's listen. >> the patients are sick but in a rather stable condition. thank god they're all alive. >> [inaudible]. >> yes. there are, there are a variety of sharp objects we found in their bodies. probably this bomb had multiple metal i can fragments in them and we, and we remove pellets and nails. >> stuff that could have come from the environment or concentrated enough to lead you to conclude that came from the bombs? >> i think they came from the bomb although i can not be exactly sure.
7:15 am
>> how many amputations have you performed and how many more are planned. >> at this point if i have my numbers right we have performed four amputations and there are two more limbs that are at risk but i hope that we will save those legs. >> [inaudible]. critical condition or stable condition? and are they -- >> yes, they are in intensive care. they are in critical condition but at this point we stablized their vital signs and their hemo dynamic situation is under control. >> what are their injuries? can you describe what is -- [inaudible] >> most of the injuries were again lower extremity, major injuries and from these injuries they bled a lot. we controlled the bleeding rather rapidly, but, certainly they lost a lot of blood. that created physician logic problems. >> give an age range? >> do you have foreign nationals, any idea about the nationality of the
7:16 am
people you treated? >> as far as i know all of them are americans. >> can you give us an age range, doctor, the age range of your patients? >> the younger patient so far was 28 years old and the older patient was 71 years old. >> we heard there could have been internal bleeding. >> -- [inaudible] >> most of the patients are in the intensive care unit are still intubated and therefore they can not be interviewed. >> what can you tell us about their emotional state and that of their loved ones? >> it's, it is always an extremely sad day for all of us but even more so for the patients and for the relatives. i had the pleasure of interacting with many of the relatives and obviously they're shattered by the events. we're offering emotional support and we've, we've pull pooled all our resources in order to help the patients not only for their disease but for their emotional status.
7:17 am
>> has everyone been identified? >> at this point everyone has been identified. >> doctor you seem to talk a lot about injuries to the lower extremities of the is it unusual to have such a concentration of injuries to the lower extremities like that in a blast? or would there be more all over the head and upper body. >> it is not unusual. this bomb obviously was placed probably low on the ground and therefore lower extremity injuries are to be expected. >> there was no internal bleeding? yesterday we heard there might be internal problems. >> there are in a few patients some internal problems we're working up and i don't have further information on this one. >> are all patients conscious or are any unconscience? >> most of the patients are conscious but we have do have patients who are medically sedated in order to alleviate the pain at this point and therefore we don't have a full valuation of their mental status yet. >> doctor, did you screen for biological or radiation issues here with these patients? >> it doesn't appear we have
7:18 am
an issue with that at this point. >> you mentioned there are complications from the blood loss. what are those complications? >> the complications from the blood loss is that the heart may decompensate and multiple organs to the human body may be driven into failure because of the blood loss. but we were very rapid in replacing the lost blood and i think that for the most part we've saved the patients from these problems. >> doctor, can you -- [inaudible] can you give any sort of estimation of injuries to spectators and runners? >> i don't think any of them were runners. i think they were all spectators. >> that's correct. we did treat some runners. those are the three patients that i said we received from the marathon but they were not traumatically injured. and one was observed overnight and the other were treated and released. >> anyone talk to you about
7:19 am
what's happened, what they saw? >> not to me in the emergency department. george? >> no. we haven't had anymore information unfortunately. the teams were extremely busy and conditions traded on providing care last night and we tried to focus on that and do nothing else but that. >> doctor, as investigators try to conduct their investigation do they have to clear it with you before they can go in an speak with patients or the fbi. >> we a rules there with the patients and we make sure they do not suffer unnecessarily at this early point so we're all in communication to make sure patients can talk only when they can really talk. >> do you know how many are medically sedated? >> i'm sorry? >> can you tell us how many are medically sedated? >> i believe there must be six or eight at this point. the last time that saw the patients were, was about an hour ago and depending on
7:20 am
what has happened to two of them, it is between six and eight. >> what the prognosis for those six or eight, doctor? >> i think that the prognosis will be probably okay. i think that we've stablized these patients well. they have stopped bleeding. there are still things to be done but, i, i really hope that the outcome will be optimal. >> is there any other loss of life? >> [inaudible]. what is the earliest time you expect patient it is leave? >> i think that the first patients may actually be ready to be released in a few days but this is too early to predict that. >> have you ever seen anything like this before? >> to that extent, no. >> in terms of severity or quantity? >> in terms of quantity. >> four amputations those are four separate patients correct? >> that's correct. >> are you well staffed and you had people come in on
7:21 am
overtime? >> we were very well-staffed and we are extremely proud of the resources that the hospital placed on this event. quite frankly it was one of the proudest moments in my life and we went in in the middle of this mayhem, i saw endless doctors coming from all over mgh to offer their help in a very, very organized fashion. so we absolutely had no problem with staffing. >> i would also add that the timing, some of the physicians and nurses were from 7:00 to 3:00 and 3:00 to 11 on the evening shift and of course the day shift all volunteered and said we'll stay here as long as needed. so that helped us out as well. >> also amputees, how many were traumatic amputees versus am few tease in the -- amputees in the hospital. >> almost all of them had such severe trauma in the lower ex-tremendous beyond
7:22 am
salvation so i would consider them almost automatic amputees. we just completed what the bomb had done. >> doctor, take a moment for what the last 20 -- 24 hours have been for you, your staff, doctors in this community. what has the experience been like for you? >> the experience is obviously overwhelming. we are all extremely sad. we are suffering emotionally for what happened to, the people of boston and many others. at the same time we can't feel but proud because the medical community here at mass again responded in an amazing way. -- mass general. some of the trauma group that happened to be outside the city jumped on planes immediately in order to come back and they did come back within, within hours.
7:23 am
one of our physicians was actually running the marathon and dehydrated as he was, he came back immediately after he finished the marathon to offer his help. so, yes, in these difficult moments for all of us but at the same time we feel quite proud for what we've been able to offer and extremely appreciatetive for the opportunity to help people. >> can you describe the emotional toll? how did that manifest itself with some of your staff? i'm not trying to exaggerate but how did that manifest itself? >> we're all trauma surgeons so we're quite used to seeing unexpected events to a very large-scale. so even if we are empathetic and we always stay by the side of the patient through the physical and the emotional disaster, we all know how to control our feelings and do what is best for the patient, rather than focusing to ourselves. >> doctor, how much do you
7:24 am
think having all those first emergency workers on the scene, how much does that factor into survival rate of people you're seeing now? >> i think it was an amazing response. as far as i understand all these details are still not clear. and mind you that i spent the larger part of the last 15 hours taking care of patients and not learning the details and i think it was amazing response and because of the rapid prehospital response life was able to be saved. >> doctor, is your team exhausted? are you getting rest or are you keeping pushing forward. >> we keep on pushing forward. thank god again we have endless resources and we're able to keep on operating and providing care. >> doctor this say seem a really obvious question but these extra materials that may have been packed into these bombs, how does that exacerbate the trauma? >> well, after a bomb there
7:25 am
is a number of traumaic injuries, and, some of them is a direct effects of the bomb when the, extremities severely damaged or if there is internal bleeding, for example. but then there is secondary injuries from the bomb blast, the wave of the bomb that can push people away and throw them and hit them against walls. there is also another form of injury which is from the particles that are broken and embedded in people. so we've seen all three of them after this event. >> doctor, i got to tell you your colleague at brigham & women's, dr. wong concluded all the shrapnel was environmental and none was intrinsic to the bomb. how do we justify these two opinions? >> it is i think we're still getting details of all the events that happened and
7:26 am
obviously it is very difficult to conclude based on initial impressions. i wouldn't exclude completely the possibility that some of these fragments are not environmental but my opinion are most of them were in the bomb. >> doctor, what is the security like in there? are there guards watching the patients? ? >> so the moment the intensive care units obviously have restricted access. there is increased security around all the hospitals in the city. you can see some of the police around this campus. that is a precautionary measure. my understanding is that all of the major hospitals are taking this, being given the same protection. >> doctor, getting back to your previous answer, you said it is your opinion that there was extra material added into these bombs. how do you reach that? what is the tip-off? >> because of the consistency of the fragments. most of them are pellets.
7:27 am
some of them are nails-like. so i think it is likely there would be so consistent if they were pulled up from the environment. >> [inaudible]. you were saying some were pellets and some were -- >> nails or sharp objects. i can't say what they are with certainty but that is how they look like? >> do you know how many? >> they are numerous, numerous. there were people who have 10, 20, 30, 40 of them in their body, or more. >> stands to reason sir you handed that over to investigators, all the shrapnel? >> we have, we're, we're working very closely with the investigators and we handed them whatever evidence we can find. >> what are you seeing in terms of resiliency from the patients? >> i think that the patients responded to really, really well. the patients that were able to talk when they first
7:28 am
arrived and they were not immediately sedated and intubated for the purpose of an operation were amazingly resilient. were, really pulling it together and quite frankly, because of the patients our life was made easier and we were able to provide better care. the patients were really amazing. >> [inaudible]. can you give us some specifics about that? >> most of the patients were calm, they were responding to our questions. they allowed us to examine them from top to bottom in detail. and they, when we had time to explain our decisions and the course of care that we intended to take the patients agreed. it was a very, very calm and collective response by the patients. >> i know you can't be sure but would you say none of your patients are in danger of dying?
7:29 am
>> yes, it is too early to decide that but at this point i'm extremely happy with how things are going. >> doctor, how do you tell someone when you might have have to take their legs? >> i'm sorry? >> how do you tell them someone you might have to take their legs? >> it is a devastating thing. it is extremely difficult to come to this. mind you, these patients who had amputations were the most severely ones, severely injured ones and therefore quite frankly these were the ones that were immediately intubated, immediately rolled into the operating room. there was no real time to have a lengthy discussion. the focus was on their saving their live from bleeding. >> doctor, are -- [inaudible] >> as far as i know we don't have any patients at mgh that is related to each other. i don't know whether there are relatives of them that are transferred to other hospitals in boston.
7:30 am
and that is the case. we have isht pas here who have patients here have relatives admitted to other boston hospitals. >> what do you plan another update? do you have another update planned? >> when we have more information. there is not a set time right now. >> dr. george, spell your name for us. say it for us and spell it. >> velmahos. >> [inaudible]. >> thank you, guys. >> chief of trauma surgery at mass general. bill: thank the heavens for these doctors, listening to their stories how they treated these patients so quickly and efficiently. there are some very lucky people to arrive at massachusetts general to arrive moments after the terror in boston yesterday afternoon. couple interesting points. four amputations occurred at the hospital. these metal fragments that have been talked about now,
7:31 am
it is a little difficult to know precisely what they are whether or not they're small nails or ball bearings, whether or not they came from the bomb or whether or not they were part of what is called the environment as you heard that surgeon explain there. he seems to draw suspicion as to whether or not they came from the environment because there were so many of them and so many of them that were similar. 10, 20, up to 40 he described of these metal pieces in single bodies that were arrived there at the hospital. ages 28 to 71 years old being treated and he described the bomb being placed low to the ground which would explain possibly why there are some lower extremities that have been damaged here. whether it was the foot or the ankle, the knee or the leg. so that's the latest from mass massachusetts general. tufts medical center will brief at noon. they're treating 12 patients. 11 adults. one a 15-year-old teenager as we continue to track the fallout here on the streets of boston the day after.
7:32 am
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>> the sign says clothing bags because you are a block away from the finish line from what from what was the boston marathon. what is interesting, the yellow bags here, there are at least 2,000 runners that prepositioned some of their personal belongings, so that when they complete the race they could get a change of clothes, maybe some new socks.
7:36 am
it would -- they would keep their wallet, keys in there, maybe some money. we've been down here for the past half hour or so. we have seen runners come down and get their material. i talked to a woman from germany and lexington, massachusetts that are just now coming down to claim their items. the national guard is out in force, and these men were here overnight and into the morning hours today to guard and keep those personal possessions safe. there is a steady trickle of runners coming to claim their possessions. that is going to take some time. we hoard from the fbi in the briefing 30 minutes ago, our mission is clear, we want answered. chris was running in the marathon, you saw all of this, you were coming toward the finish. this is your ninth marathon, a marathon you did not complete. what did you knee. >> i had just crossed the 26-mile marker and all of a sudden i heard what sounded like cannon fire and i saw white
7:37 am
smoke coming up from the finish line. at first i thought, it's patriot's day, maybe it's a military salute or something. i was incredibly stupid to think that. within a few second after that behind me i heard the second explosion and at that point i saw a crash can that had been blown apart, there were obviously casualties. i knew at that point this was something that was organized. bill: you were literally running in between when both explosions hit and you were in between the scene of both explosions. >> right, i had the explosion in front of me and one behind me. just feel incredibly lucky to have survived it. i know there are a lot of people obviously that didn't, and i know everyone's thoughts and prayers go out to them. >> did you proceed toward the finish line at that point or what did you do, or where did you go? >> after the first explosion i continued to run toward the finish line. i was .2 miles away. i didn't know that this was an explosion. and so i kept going. then when i heard the second one
7:38 am
i saw people were jumping the metal railings to get out of the way. the entire marathon came to a complete halt. i climbed out i thought there would be a third explosion, and i didn't know if there was going to be a fourth and fifth. we didn't know how severe it was. for a few second everyone was greatsing for something more. bill: you slept at home last night, right because you were from the city of boston. >> right. bill: i'm wondering how you were able to absorb this today. >> i think it's going to take some time for the city to process what has happened. but i think the mood of the city is different today. i drove in here, i didn't hear a single motorist honking on their horn. i think people are reaching out to each other. i walk out of my house today and there were a couple of neighbors on the steps that actually just yelled out god bless you. i don't know if they knew i worked for the herald, or ran the marathon or just a neighbor early gesture. hopefully that is the kind of way as a city we can get through it. bill: what we have heard consistently from the police and
7:39 am
the fbi, the mayor and governor is that if you have seen anything we want to talk to you. what does that suggest to you when they are so public with that appeal to bring pictures or video for stories forward? >> i don't know. hopefully it means that they are trying to get as much information as they can to try to track down the people that did this. bill: what did you see? >> i saw there was some breath tee serious casualties. -- pretty serious casualties. i saw a man near the trash can whose lower legs were blown off. i saw a pair of woman's boots lying in the road and a woman was lying in the road. there was a woman on the sidewalk next to me on the opposite side of the explosion who was bleeding from her forehead. its just one of those things, i don't know if it mattered where you were standing. obviously if you were closure it was worse. could you have been on the other side of the street and injured as well. bill: you know, chris i think
7:40 am
about you were telling me during the commercial break you've run nine marathons but you've run other marathons in other parts of the country, but boston is special, and it's special for a reason, isn't it? it's the marathon every runner wants to run. if you're an elite athlete you're drawn here. if you run other marathons you always want to run boston. i'm a charity runner. bill: which means you raise money for charities and that's why you're out here. >> exactly. most of the people that were finishing at that time were charity runners, raising money for great organizations, and i can only assume that a lot of the spectators were their friend and family, so i think that's what makes a marathon special is a combination of it's an elite sporting event and a lot of charity. bill: chris my best to you and the people in boston. chris cassidy a report and runner, thanks again. our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has been on the story from the
7:41 am
very beginning. there are breaking details out of washington. we'll get there right after this. in boston. >> moments like this and our response to them define who we are. in the past 24 hours this city of boston has shown its strength, its compassion and its determination to see justice done.
7:42 am
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7:44 am
jaime: this is fox news alert. the search is intensifying for whoever was behind the boston bomb evening. there's chilling footage from the scene as the panic and the chaos occurred seconds after that first bomb went off. according to senior officials so far no one has claimed responsibility, but they are not ruling out overseas involvement and our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is joining me live from washington. what are you hearing is the latest? >> one of the latest developments is that we were anticipating a briefing on capitol hill, a closed door briefing from the nctc, the
7:45 am
national counterterrorism center, the group that was set up after 9/11 to assess the threats and monitor the threats against the united states and break down that stove piping that lead to 9/11. we've been given no explanation at this time for why it was abruptly canceled. at the news conference a short time ago in boston they would neither confirm or deny they had someone in custody or whether there were people of interest in the lead they are lung down. fox news is told from federal sources there is one person of interest, a saudi national. the date of birth is 3-12-93. they were here on a student advice a. this information was circulate towed capitol hill last evening. fox newsletters was fold that there were no hits on the terrorism watch list for this individual, but that immigration and customs enforcement, that's the division of homeland security is actively running down whether he was in compliance with his student visa in this country. in other words, whether he was actually enrolled, whether he was taking courses, or whether he'd had any derogatory
7:46 am
information or any run ins with the law. again this is just described to us as a person of interest not a suspect and it's one of multiple leads that is being run down. separately a saudi source told us the individual is believed to be from a prominent saudi family and that this particular tribe is down in southern saudi along the yemeni border. and finally, this was one in the same, the apartment that was raided last night late last night into the early morning hours of today in revere, massachusetts. so this is all connected to this one individual, jaime. jaime: catherine do we know anything about the devices, is there any signature? we learned at the mass general press conference that the victims at the hospital had a combination of metal fragments from pellets we heard to something like nails, what are you learning? >> well, fox news first reported last evening that there was evidence in the devices of shrapnel, specifically ball bearings and that came from the head of the homeland security committee republican mike
7:47 am
mccall. that news conference we just had in boston is more confirmatory evidence that there was shrapnel in the devices, the doctors saying pellets, nails and also ball bearings. as you indicated because of the amount of shrapnel that is in the victims, in some cases up to 40 pieces, this would not be environmental, it's more evidence that the devices were designed to maximize casualties. a former senior fbi agent told fox news that when you look at the video of the explosions, maybe we've got that video here, and you see that sort of white vertical smoke, this is not inconsistent with an explosion involving tatp. tatp is a chemical explosion, it's a type of explosive device, or explosive, rather, that you can put together going to a home hardware store, or even at your supermarket. this kind of explosion has that vertical look with the white smoke, it does not have that
7:48 am
rolling orange glow of a traditional device, traditional explosive device, and this is the kind of material that is often used in ied's. on that point fox news has obtained a bulletin that was sent out from homeland security and the fbi that is pretty standard after a major event. euplt goes out to law enforcement local lease, also state and federal level and it talks about boston as highlighting the risk of ied's. it gives several examples that it points to. all of them i will add point to overseas terrorist organizations, pwhu the bulletin does not draw any conclusions based on what we've seen in boston so far. jaime: still so early if the investigation. i know you worked your sources overnight. one of my homeland security sources told me many counterterrorism forces monitor those hardware stores, and they are -- they get reports on what has been purchased, much more to come on this. very clearly early in the investigation. catherine we will check back with you. bill, as you said the headline in all of this, no undetonated
7:49 am
devices at this time, no ongoing and imminent threat that is the good news out of this. one of the things i learned as well this hour is in the video and pictures that we want to see, the authorities want to gather to look for someone that may have been moving through that crowd, bill, ending at the finish line. bill. bill: the "boston herald" reports that police are at boston's logan international airport asking those flying out of boston today who had come here for the race if they have any pictures, or video in their iphone, to pass it to them. they are looking everywhere for any clues they can find here in boston. back in a moment right after this. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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7:52 am
bill: from the white house only moments ago the flag being lowered to half staff.
7:53 am
this by my watch right at the moment some 20 hours ago, it would have been about 2:50 here in boston this, would have been 10:50 in washington, a moment ago. michael graham is arrayed talk show on the new england talk network and a columnist for the "boston herald." he said the attack made him a bostonian down to his gut and he's with me now. >> a lot of us have moved here. i've been here for eight years. i live here, love it here, i've been doing talk radio. the place i go for bloody marys, the town is right down the street. i walk my kids on a summer sunday, to see the blood there, and to know that the attack happened not when the elite runners around the world were here. they waited until the typical guy, my wife took off work some yesterday because one of her coworkers was running. that was the time when the coworkers and the amateurs arrived at the line and that's when the bomb went off. and it changed my attitude about this city.
7:54 am
it went from the place i work and live to my town. bill: what specifically, what were the words you used? now? >> well, i said, i'm quoting jfk whose library may have been attacked. [speaking foreign language] bostonian. if you want to live in a free society and have a community event like a marathon that was attacked yesterday. my sense of being a bostonian was no longer in my head, it was down in my gut. and that is the response i've got even. bill: everybody who lives here says the same thing, they will find who is responsible, it's a question of when. >> absolutely. there was a time when people would have been jumping to conclusions about the mideast and terror, et cetera. people in boston are waiting. they don't want to jump to conclusions. they want to find out why this happened. as we find out the fact it makes it more puzzling. it would almost be more comforting if there were a series of bombs so we could put
7:55 am
it in a narrative. now would he know there are only two bombs. what was that bomber trying to accomplish? bill: good to see you here in boston. this is the other newspaper, the "boston globe" marathon terror. this is really, it's a stunning picture to see, so much blood on the sidewalk with a cellphone mixed in, and they are attending tow to a woman on the bottom part of your screen. we are expecting more briefings throughout the morning into the afternoon hours. and as one member of the boston police department says, they have never seen a crime scene like this before in their city, and they hope to never again. as to who is responsible, that's something that no one can answer at this moment. >> we are all trying to put pressure on all the wound for everybody, tourniquets and whoever we could do. it was chaos. >> it's traumatizing, i don't know how else to explain it. with angie's list, i save time, money, and i avoid frustration.
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. bill: more reaction coming in moments ago at the pentagon chuck hagel secretary of defense calls what happened here in boston a cruel act of terror. it's a story we'll stay on here at the fox news channel as we mentioned earlier, a lot of reports that have gone out late yesterday into the night last night were said to be untrue today, so as we move with patience through this story we'll bring it to you the best way we can, with speed and also with accuracy as we go. i'm bill hemmer live in boston. jaime good to be with you today back there in new york as well. jaime: bill, you will be back in boston for us tomorrow. we appreciate it. we pray for not only the victims and their families but we pray for answers. we will see you again, but next "happening now" and it starts right now. >> it's important to clarify that two and only two explosive devices were found